9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Lifting Workout

To make your body perfect, powerful, well performing and enduring by working out in the gym you need all the tools working in coordination.

Following are some of the vital things to do before the workout as designed by Ngo Okafor, P.T. creator of the FitMatch app that connects gym lovers. These instructions should be considered in mind before starting the gym.

  1. Proper Pre-workout hydration along with well-maintained nutrition

According to Okafor about 45-90 minutes before going to the gym, you should take meals consisting of carbohydrate, proteins and a little bit of fat. This time duration will help you to the proper digestion of food. Moreover, essential hydration is also important as it aids in regulating the body temperature, cleans toxins etc.

  1. Get your mind right

Before going to gym suppose that you can lift what you want to lift. According to Okafor most of the weight training is mental, so being mentally and physically and emotionally busy will help our body to achieve what we don’t think is capable of. For example, listening to music during the workout could also have a positive impact on the workout intensity.

  1. Organize your bag properly along with maintaining schedule

You should have all the essential items in the bag before leaving the house for the gym. Essential items are clothes, products to freshen up, straps, chalks, belts and water bottles.

  1. Search for your motivation

In Okafor opinion, you should find some motivation to enhance your interest. These motivations may be pictures of bodybuilders, videos, reading inspirational literature. These things can provide extra push and motivation.

  1. Dress to win:

If your wear clothes that make you confident at work can enhance your interest in work leading you thinking more positively about the gym. Wearing proper shoes and clothes are also important for better performance. Okafor gives an example that if you exercise upper part of the body then wearing such clothes that show your arms etc. can enhance motivation for you to work more.

  1. Log your workouts:

To keep an eye on performance, you should keep a log of all activities of the gym. Your desired goals, benchmarks and current progress should also be mentioned in the log. The goals should be realistic, and checkpoints should be analyzed carefully.

  1. Partner up

Make a pair with someone to work more confidently. This would helpful for growth by challenging each other to gain your goals. Both persons should be accountable and motivated for each other.

  1. Warm up by doing various activities

Before heavy lifting, you should get yourself warmed. Gradually warm the body and release your tension and take care of weak points by doing other warm-up activities such as stretches, foam roll, and mobility drill, Okafor proposed.

  1. Find your feet

Our feet are the base of our body. According to Okafor if you push your feet against floor it will be helpful to move weight in squat and deadlift. It is also helpful in the bench press. So pushing feet against floor keeps your body stable and completes the chain hence reducing the loss of power.