4 Side Effects of Diet Soda

Do you reach out for diet soda considering that to be a calorie conscious choice?

In a 20-ounce bottle of regular soda, there are 240 calories with no nutritional value besides carbohydrates. These calories are 12% of an average person’s daily calorie needs. Coffee, smoothies and, energy drinks often provide more added sugar and calories. So to fill the craving of a sweet or carbonated beverage, people opt for the diet sodas. Let us discuss some side effects of drinking diet soda.

  1. Weight Gain

People go for diet soda thinking that it is weight conscious choice. But several studies have shown that drinking diet soda has same consequences as that of the regular soda. The issues which they face are weight gain, the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Some of the studies have shown that consumption of artificial sweeteners can cause the derangements in the metabolic processes. In another study conducted in July 2012 in the journal of Behavioral Brain Research, saccharin was given to rats, and a difference in their blood glucose and GLP-1 was observed. This, saccharin is found in many diet sodas. Hence the study tells that consumption of these high-intensity artificial sweeteners can reduce satiety and cause a change in glucose homeostasis.

  1. Diabetes

The high-intensity sweeteners are used in the diet sodas. The consumption of these artificial sweeteners over a long period of time can signal your brain in such a way that can result in dulled response to naturally sweet foods e.g. fruits. It can also signal your brain the same way as regular sugar does, that will cause your body to release insulin and also the gastric secretions. Many studies have shown that these sweeteners have increased blood glucose level, even the non-nutritive sweetener like sucralose. So, the unnecessary release of insulin by these artificial sweeteners when there is no actual sugar to digest can lead to develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

  1. Dental issues

General Dentistry in their 2013’s Mar/Apr journal has mentioned a study which discusses the dental status of the diet soda drinkers. Diet sodas have citric acid inside them so that excessive usage can weaken the tooth enamel. This damage is comparable to the tooth damage seen with the drug users.

Another study in 2012 journal also mentions the “mechanical wear of the dentition” caused by diet sodas.

  1. Bone issues

In Oct 2006, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition included an assessment of the Framingham study results. According to the results, both the diet and regular colas are associated with low bone mineral density in older women, and they get an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. However, other sodas besides colas didn’t have the same effect which leads to the conclusion that it is may be due to the presence of caffeine and phosphoric acid in the colas.

In the same journal of 2014, a study mentioned that increased soda consumption of all types is associated with increased risk of hip fracture in postmenopausal women. However, additional studies were needed in this domain to determine the specific cause.

The best choice for your body is always water. If you still want to try something else, then add a splash of fruit juice in your water. And if you want to enjoy diet soda, be in moderation and keep these negative effects in mind.

Seven Avocado Facts That Justify Your Obsession For Avocadoes

Avocados are a unique type of fruit as they are quite discrete from others in many ways. It is a very rare type of fruit which is rich in fats.  Most of the fruits are rich in carbs and proteins, but it is the unique one as it is a great source of healthy fats and fibers.

It is the healthiest fruit as it has the fibers and healthy fats which give you a full energy pack without any strain of obesity as it is cholesterol free and it constitutes the healthy fats and fibers. There are many health benefits of avocados, and many types of research have proved that having an avocado gives you an energy boost without any side effect such as obesity or anything related to body weight.

Following are some fascinating benefits of avocados that you might not have known:

  • Avocados are the fattiest plant in the family of plants as they contain almost 80% of fats which means eating half of an avocado gives you a lot of fats. But point to ponder here is that the fat which constitutes avocados are the healthy fats, and those fats are good for the body. The majority of fat present in avocado is the oleic acid which is a menstruated fatty acid and is good for health and should be a part of one’s diet. The oleic acid is heart-friendly fat and helps to keep the heart in a healthy form.
  • Other than fats, avocados are also loaded with fibers. Fibers are one of the essential components of our diet, and a regular intake of fibers is necessary for healthy functioning. So, if you want to get a balance of your fibers and fats then go, have an avocado, it will fill up the need of fibers plus healthy fats.  Other than this, fiber is related to a reduced risk of many diseases, and it often relates to weight loss and many other proper metabolic functions.
  • Due to its calorific texture, avocados could be a part of many foods and are very delicious. Their creamy texture makes them good for many foods such as salads.
  • Avocados could also be used in place of fats which have to be used in making of brownies and other biscuits etc.
  • Avocados are also a very rich source of vitamin C. As Vitamin C is present in many other fruits such as oranges and lemon but other than that it is a full pack of many essential nutrients
  • Other than Vitamin C, Vitamin K is also present in avocado which is a coagulating agent and helps to clot the blood. Blood cutting is very important as without clotting of blood a very mild injury may become fatal and may result in death as if there is no blood clotting then it will cause many problems. Thus avocado also serves as a CLOTTING AGENT.
  • Avocados also have a high quantity of potassium present in them. This high level of potassium regulates blood pressure and plays a vital role in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Lifting Workout

To make your body perfect, powerful, well performing and enduring by working out in the gym you need all the tools working in coordination.

Following are some of the vital things to do before the workout as designed by Ngo Okafor, P.T. creator of the FitMatch app that connects gym lovers. These instructions should be considered in mind before starting the gym.

  1. Proper Pre-workout hydration along with well-maintained nutrition

According to Okafor about 45-90 minutes before going to the gym, you should take meals consisting of carbohydrate, proteins and a little bit of fat. This time duration will help you to the proper digestion of food. Moreover, essential hydration is also important as it aids in regulating the body temperature, cleans toxins etc.

  1. Get your mind right

Before going to gym suppose that you can lift what you want to lift. According to Okafor most of the weight training is mental, so being mentally and physically and emotionally busy will help our body to achieve what we don’t think is capable of. For example, listening to music during the workout could also have a positive impact on the workout intensity.

  1. Organize your bag properly along with maintaining schedule

You should have all the essential items in the bag before leaving the house for the gym. Essential items are clothes, products to freshen up, straps, chalks, belts and water bottles.

  1. Search for your motivation

In Okafor opinion, you should find some motivation to enhance your interest. These motivations may be pictures of bodybuilders, videos, reading inspirational literature. These things can provide extra push and motivation.

  1. Dress to win:

If your wear clothes that make you confident at work can enhance your interest in work leading you thinking more positively about the gym. Wearing proper shoes and clothes are also important for better performance. Okafor gives an example that if you exercise upper part of the body then wearing such clothes that show your arms etc. can enhance motivation for you to work more.

  1. Log your workouts:

To keep an eye on performance, you should keep a log of all activities of the gym. Your desired goals, benchmarks and current progress should also be mentioned in the log. The goals should be realistic, and checkpoints should be analyzed carefully.

  1. Partner up

Make a pair with someone to work more confidently. This would helpful for growth by challenging each other to gain your goals. Both persons should be accountable and motivated for each other.

  1. Warm up by doing various activities

Before heavy lifting, you should get yourself warmed. Gradually warm the body and release your tension and take care of weak points by doing other warm-up activities such as stretches, foam roll, and mobility drill, Okafor proposed.

  1. Find your feet

Our feet are the base of our body. According to Okafor if you push your feet against floor it will be helpful to move weight in squat and deadlift. It is also helpful in the bench press. So pushing feet against floor keeps your body stable and completes the chain hence reducing the loss of power.


Starting Off With The Strength Training

The Strong and healthy body is the key to living a happy life. Getting one, however, is not an easy task. There is tons of information present regarding all the different fitness workouts and diet plans; we often tend to get confused. For you to opt for the perfect routine, you need first to decide which body goal do you wish to achieve. Let us just talk about weight loss and body strength here, because these are the primary goals that any person would have. For this, strength training is going to be the most efficient path. Starting off with an entirely new way of workout can again be confusing; sometimes people just end up roaming around in gyms figuring out where and how to start. This article will give you a brief intro to getting on track for strength training.

Firstly you need to decide which type of strength training you will be doing, and that again depends on your body goals. Bodyweight training is the most commonly followed. Bodyweight training requires the least amount of equipment, and you can start from either home or at the gym, doesn’t make much of a difference. If you are a starter, then getting a hand on one of those mini bands would be great to assist you in you pull and/or pushups. Bodyweight training can be difficult in only one way that you have to make sure that every day you are bringing in variations in your exercise, so you are sure that the intensity is leveling up.

Dumbbells are another way to start with your weighted training. Dumbbells are present in almost all gyms, and if you are doing it at home, then you cane easily get a pair of adjustable dumbbells that don’t even take up that much space. With this, you can add a small amount of weight every time to level up. Also, for starters, a very common problem is that they drop their weights in between because their body can’t take it. With dumbbells, you can easily put them down at any point without risking any injury. The only downside is that a set of dumbbells can be a little heavy in your pocket, so it is better if you join a gym.

Barbells are the best option if you aim to achieve strength above all. They work in a way that you achieve slow yet consistent progress, and you can add some amount of weight every week to reach your potential. Barbells are extremely stable which is why you can easily add heavy weights to it. It works greatly in workouts like squats and deadlifts for lower body movements. Racks can be used in addition to load and unload weights. The downside is that is you want to do it at home then you need to invest a lot of money in buying racks, bench, weights and barbells.

In the end, the best type of training is really the one you choose, and that matches your situation.


Roll Your Eye Balls At Dwayne Johnson Supplements

Do you remember special agent Hobs of fast furious movie? Yes, Dwayne Johnson is the man behind that powerful role. What? You are not familiar with Dwayne Johnson. Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’ is one of the most lovable, handsome and reputed celebrities not only in USA but also across the planet. Before debuting in Hollywood, he was a well-known body-builder and fighter. He fights in WWE and other international famed fights. Nowadays, half youth of the globe is inspired by his physique and wants to build body like him. But this is not as simple as you think since Dwayne Johnson spends a lot of time in fighting with gym equipments. Along with this, he also takes proper diet and supplements. Few Dwayne Johnson supplements are given below-

One of the main supplements which is the main reason behind Rock’s hard body is Alpha Fuel XT. A rumor is famous about Alpha Fuel XT is that it is absolutely safe, legal as well as has none of the steroid-like harmful effects. But the reality is still unknown. Dwayne Johnson said that he takes Alpha Fuel XT with other additional amino acid supplements so that his body gains maximum muscle goals. The main concept behind taking Alpha Fuel XT with amino acid is that both do their own work to transform body looks. Amino acid supplements help and allow body to lose fat and burn calories, on the other hand, Alpha Fuel XT helps the body to lose weight and gain extra muscular energy. Few advantages of taking Alpha Fuel XT with amino acids are given below –

  • Lose body weight and enhance strength and muscular power
  • Boost blood circulation across every corner of the body
  • Allow muscles and bones to stretch more

Formula T-10 – It is another powerful steroid occasionally taken by Dwayne Johnson. But the best part of Formula T-10 is that it can be taken separately without any additional supplement. Formula T-10 steroid is harmless and more stable as compared to other steroid options. This steroid type works best if taken in the morning along with milk or juice. Few advantages of using this steroid type are given below-

  • Helps body in weight lose and burning fat.
  • Formula T-10 helps body in gaining muscular energy instantly.
  • It also fights fatigue.
  • This asteroid boosts metabolism and makes immune system strong.
  • It offers muscles proper shape as well as size.
  • It improves blood flow system which ultimately helps in boosting muscular energy.
  • This steroid helps the body in delivering nutrients and vitamins to muscles at a faster rate, due to which the body makes flexible and lean muscles.

Do you really want these supplements?

You can easily find the supplements taken by Dwayne in the market but you should not take them right away as the body of different people has different requirements. The supplement that is effective and result yielding for one can be harmful for the other. So, first consult an expert and then make the selection for the supplement.